Workshop Leiderschap bij Carrieredagen bij UU

Life Impact Company verzorgt een uitdagende workshop Personal Leadership (engelstalig). Alle studenten van de Universiteit Utrecht (bachelor, master, PhD, jonge alumni) zijn van harte welkom om deel te nemen.

Workshop: Personal Leadership with impact

What is your leadershipstyle?Doyou wanttoexcelandbe more successful?Ifso, you needtochallenge yourself. Stepoutofyour comfort-zoneandmaximizeyour personal growth! The impact leadership workshopischallenging,highenergyandexciting. You wil learn more about yourselfandgetmore controle over your life goals. This workshop will also offer: ✓ more insightonyour personal qualities; ✓ personal advice on your communication skills; ✓ feedback on your leadership skills for more impact. The trainer is Gloria van Ewijk MSc MBA, the owner of Life Impact Company. She’s highly skilled and works with high potentials in the business and non-profit sector. She has a direct approach and will challenge you to overcome your obstacles. Gloria has been nominated for the Opzij Impact Award 2016 and won the FD Career Challenge 2011, a contest made created by Nyenrode Business University, Linkedin NL and FD.


Life Impact Company staat ook op de bedrijvenmarkt, waar je ons kunt spreken over stage lopen of het doen van een afstudeeropdracht. Meer over stages bij Life Impact Company.

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